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The Clubhouse at RWC

Founders Hall at RWC

Perfect venue for smaller corporate events

    • Informal discussions in the Living Room
    • Business meetings in Main Room
    • Breakout sessions in Dining Room & Sunroom
    • Full kitchen for caterers

Ideal for large private parties & corporate events

    • WI-FI
    • state of the art audio/visual equipment
    • flexible seating arrangements
    • elevated stage for speakers
    • fully equipped kitchen for caterers

The Entire Estate


RWC facilities provide convenient places to host day or nighttime events with ample parking. Entire Estate rentals include:

The Clubhouse
Founders Hall
The Gazebo
The Arbor
The Wishing Well
Full service caterers
Met RWC's standards

A wedding coordinator is not required

Alcohol &
Smoking Policies

Rental Information

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